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Icy Fire

Do you have the time, to listen to me whine...

14 April
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OOC: This is a character journal, MEANING HE'S NOT REAL.

Nereus Oryn Percival was born on a sweltering summer day to Lenwë Lissësúl and Narnia Truvale, by then known as Lenwë Percival and Narnia Percival. He was a small baby but a healthy baby. He was named after the oceanliner which had brought Narnia to Amefri from Nirut; the name was also shared by her younger brother who had disappeared shortly after reaching adulthood and became a pirate. Physically Nereus looked more like his mother, having inherited her black hair and deep blue eyes. He still had the angular facial features common in Elves, but they were softened and less remarkable.

For the next three years the toddler lived his existence in the small Percival cottage perched just outside of the perimeter of a tiny forest. He was a quick learner even then and managed to learn how to talk (well, in the simplistic baby talk), walk, and use the toilet properly within those years. When Nereida was born the family moved to a larger farmstead, maintained mostly by Narnia. The couple had planned to have more children, but the growing tension in the marriage and Narnia's mounting age made the effort fruitless.

Nereus lived most of his childhood like a country boy. Nereida and Paisley were his only companions for the most part. The farmstead didn't have any close neighbors and what friends he could make were at the school house, and they were more apt to mock him for having pointy ears. It bothered Nereus from time to time, but he soon learned how to "block out" reality and only went to school sporadically. He played hooky when he was in third grade, even if he was often by himself and it put him at constant odds with his mother. Around the age of eight he began to take an interest in his father's studies in sorcery and began to thieve his tomes. He also found a crypt deep within the forest and made daily adventures there. Soon enough, Nereus didn't have to worry about being bored or lonely. He picked up spells at an impressive rate and this hobby soon seemed to take over his life much to Narnia's dismay.

It may have, if it weren't for the sudden death of his mother. It hit Nereus hard. He didn't always get along with his mother, but she was close to him and he had begrudgingly admitted to himself that she was admirable. Nereus completed his junior high education and stayed at home to help with the struggling household. Without Narnia's care the taffy shop the family owned had to be sold. His father managed to land a job as a teacher at the magic guild while Nereus worked as a paper boy. Nereida was too young for a job and was allowed to continue school, but she was often put in charge of the housework. Since it was a small family without many luxuries they were able to make end's meet.

About a year after the tragedy, Lenwë entrusted his son with the sword Einarr. A ritual was performed to secure Nereus as the sword's new owner. Lenwë had never really used the sword himself and thought Nereus would put it to better use. Enthralled and fascinated with his new gift, Nereus attempted to hone his sword skils on his own and participated in a few spars in the local arena. Unfortunately he was often creamed and came home bruised and battered, so the excitement didn't last very long.

Another year later, when things were seemingly going smooth for the Percival family, the Cult of the Dead Cow sought revenge for Lenwë had done to a handful of their members in an encounter earlier on. They filtered into the town unnoticed and spent a few weeks simply monitoring their daily routines before striking with razor-edge efficiency and brutal force. Nereus was away from home on a trip to the meat market when the attack occurred, but his father and sister weren't so lucky. The boy returned to the destroyed farmstead and found the severely burnt and broken body of his younger sister, who was still clinging to life by some force of will. It was then when Nereus used Entula a’ Moinayamen’ in panic, and while he successfully managed to perserve his sister's life within the talisman inside his sword, his own soul was infected with a condition which would rear its ugly head in another cruel twist of fate. The Percival siblings were saved and taken into the Clementine Orphanage by the authorities after it was determined their father was dead.

At Clementine Nereus had trouble fitting in. He notified his superiors and his fellow orphans of his sister's predictament, but they still found it pretty weird and Nereida was often wrenched away from him out of fear that he may hurt someone with the sword. So Nereus was alone again, in a place filled with children who weren't the most open-minded souls on the face of the planet. Only unlike school he couldn't run away. But now he was older and wiser than most of his peers, so he was able to tolerate most of their whisperings and tauntings. He was still a child (around fifteen at this time), however, with much more to learn.

He befriended a human girl about his age at the orphanage after she actively pursued a friendship with him. She was the spunky Lareyna Morcant, who could play kickball just as well as any boy could! Lareyna kept him from withdrawing into deep depression simply because her mere presence demanded it. She was popular with the other orphans and with her help they began to gradually accept Nereus as one of them.

But of course that just simply wasn't meant to be. Flint, one of the older and more tyrannical orphans in the brood, was used to all eyes being on him and took a strong disliking to Nereus and his growing popularity. He was your typical bully, simply put. This alone wasn't enough for Nereus to respond with equal venom, but Flint began to mock his parents and sister... that was a very bad idea. To make a long story short, after some prodding Flint managed to infuriate Nereus. This triggered his newly-acquired-then-dormant berserker curse and Flint received a broken nose and arm. This sudden lash frightened the maintainers of the orphanage with it's ferocity and Nereus was promptly handed over to the authorities again. They interrogated him and kept him locked up until they could decide what to do with him. Should he be charged? He was only a kid and so much has happened to him already...

Enter Calvin Stiles, who had met Nereus briefly at the orphanage when he first arrived and was impressed with his sorcery skills. He fancied the idea of asking Nereus to become a Magister on his sixteenth birthday (sixteen was the minimum age). He had heard of his latest misfortune and took even more pity on the boy. With a few legal arrangements and meetings Calvin opted to adopt Nereus and was approved. Nereus was relocated to the Stiles residence in Shos, which was little more than just a regular house with some modest furnishings.

Nereus was skeptical at first, but when he discovered he could use the legal powers of a Magister to combat the Cult of the Dead Serpent, he pursued the career path with renewed vigor. With time he came to trust and admire Calvin and with his help he became a skilled runeblade. Nereus passed the entrance exam the next year with flying colors and was admitted to the Magisters as the youngest Bronze Agent in recorded Magister history. Soon he had scrapped up enough money to buy his own apartment in the trading district in Shos. Two years later he was promoted to Silver Agent and that's where he is today...

Even he finds it difficult to believe that he is only twenty one --- barely an adult. Sometimes it feels as though it has been so much longer... his life is only beginning...